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If You'd Like To Attract New Students AND Keep Them Longer, We've Got Answers!

It's a jungle out there. Every week, more and more martial arts studios open up. Other kids activities - soccer, gymnastics, dance, et al - continue to grow. And, it seems to be getting harder to get true long term commitment from "Generation X" parents and students.

As studio owners ourselves, we share your awareness of the challenges that present themselves in keeping students motivated. We've also seen - at our own studio and in our daily conversations with our customers - what a positive impact using Goshin Retention Products can mean to you. That's why I'm writing this letter.

Here is the latest listing of Goshin Retention Products. If you are already a user of our products, you know that they don't cost you money, they make you money - through the increased retention and student satisfaction that they bring.

Goshin Retention Products are the result of research, trial and error, and suggestions from caring and innovative martial arts studio owners just like you - and ourselves. Like you, we are blackbelt instructors and studio owners, always looking for ways that will help us to increase the motivation of our students. All of the articles you see in this catalog have been "field tested" by us at our studio, and are in use by studios from coast to coast.

Our goal is to continue to provide simple, yet effective, ways to implement great ideas, so that every studio can maximize its contribution to student service, which will lead to greater student retention, which will add to a justly renowned studio reputation, which will ultimately result in greater studio profit.

Studies have shown, time and again, that the main reason students quit is "perceived indifference from the instructor." Retention products are a simple, cost effective way to show your students that do you care about them.

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