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How to use our Self Control stickers

We've found a great way to use our very own "Self Control" stickers, from our "Five Tenets of Martial Arts" sticker series. At the end of class, we ask the parents present if they'd like to recommend their children for a "Self Control" sticker. Invariably, several parents will raise their hand: "Johnny didn't hit his sister when she took his toy"....."Cindy isn't interrupting me on the phone anymore", etc.

We call the child forward, and present them with a sticker.

For the child that gets one, it's an opportunity to be rewarded for good behavior.

For the parent, it's an opportunity to brag about their child.

For the parent who DIDN'T mention their child, it's an opportunity to motivate their child to improve so he or she can get a sticker NEXT time.

For the Studio owner, it's an opportunity for parents to reinforce the benefits of martial arts training for themselves and the other parents present.

Everybody wins!!

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