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How To Use Good Job Notes

Good Job Notes can be some of the most effective tools in your retention toolbox. How can you make sure that they get out CONSISTENTLY?

Here's what we do: We require each instructor (including ourselves) to write one GJN for every two classes taught. They then mark it on the back of the child's attendance card - "GJN 7/15/06". This makes sure that the same kids aren't getting the cards every class. The instructors also write the name and date of their GJN on their time card. To get paid, they need to get the cards out consistently. They then put the cards in our box, and we get them stamped and into the mail the next day.

What's the format for a GJN? Same as the formula for a One Minute Praising, as seen in our article "The Sixty Second Sabumnim," as seen on the articles section.

1. Tell the person what they did. Specifically.

2. Tell them how it makes you feel.

3. Tell them how great they are, and encourage them to go and do more of the same.

You'll be amazed at the POWERFUL effect these will have on students and their families. Remember, the key is CONSISTENCY!

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